Check it all out!! My art got an awesome callout from Dave at Crafthaus in an interview with Jeff @

Jeff hits some awesome locations in Henderson and Las Vegas in Nevada (including Khoury's, Crafthaus, and Joseph James) learning everything from brewing to bottling and tasting some great beer along the way. FaceBook: Twitter/Instagram: @BeerSnobTV

All my art in the background, headquarters, downtown Las Vegas

Phoenix rising mural, Star Wars conference room, hail Vegas art scene!

“Glorifying the beauty in darkness.”

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Kellie Aguilar


Kellie Aguilar is an up and coming artist, based out of the desert city of Las Vegas.  Born in Duarte, California, her love of art began from the first time she picked up a pencil and put it to paper.  Having no formal training, she has been winning art contests since age 6, and has been honing her craft ever since.

Kellie has a simple philosophy of making art that she "would love to wake up and see in her own house every day."  She draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, from H.R. Giger and Laurie Lipton to BDSM, horror, and heavy metal.  Her work ranges from portraits to landscapes, and even painting with blood.

Click on the "Art" link at the top of the page to see a sample of her artwork.  Please feel free to use the "Contact" button if you are looking for any commissioned work, to inquire about buying any works you see, or for general questions.  While you're at it, click on the Facebook link at the bottom of the page to see her Facebook art page.